Our Favorite Blog Babe Acceptance Speeches

We here at the Most Bangable Blog Babes Headquarters have decided let some past blog babes reflect on life in the top five...

Stacy from stillstacy.com

Angela from on-2nd-thought.blogspot

Meleah from mommamiameaculpa.com

Ra from definitelyra.com

Jennifer from jennyhaha.blogspot

Debbie from i-obsess.typepad

Tara from talltara.com

Luckily, we're not interested in their personality. We're shallow like that. Now go visit their sites and tell them how "bangable" they are. Because, while we freely admit we're shallow, we're also quite petty too!


lildb said...

hee! I actually said "shrivel up." and I honestly didn't even make the connection until now. I think it's kick-ass that you made it for me.

also, having been a stripper in my twenties, I'm kind of mehhh about being on your list. it's flattering to think I'm still, at this stage of my life, potentially attractive. I mostly didn't like that you culled the thing about my being cyclothymic from a SUPER old post, b/c if you'd bothered to read anything newer, you'd note I've more recently been diagnosed as having ADHD. dude.

so, to recap: crazy? check. flavor of crazy? diff. than you (or, hey, even I!) thought.

Wally Banners said...

lmao man yea babes are touchy bout the bangable thing lmao man.

Anonymous said...

You are a piece of shit.

Daisy said...

Oh come on! Deep inside they are flattered! {winks}

OM said...

You are a piece of shit!

Just joking. You are my guilty pleasure.

Indeterminacy said...

I think it's good clean fun.