or maybe the day after that

I'm a terrible procrastinator. And starting tomorrow, that's going to change.


act your age

Lately, people have been telling me that I'm immature and asking when I plan on growing up. There used to simply be adults and kids. Then they created a group for teenagers. Then a young-adult category. Then they decided that there should be a pre-teen group. Which was then further broken down to include the tweens. Yet the movie theaters consider you an adult at 12 - since you have to pay full ticket price, though they won't let you see a rated R or a PG13 movie. The DMV doesn't view you as an adult until 16 when you're allowed to finally drive, but the voting polls say you're not an adult until 18 when they finally allow you to vote. And the liquor control board says you need to be 21. The Federal Government considers you too immature to even run for president until you're 35. You can't join the AARP until you reach 55, and you used to be old enough to retire at 65, but nobody really does anymore because the cost of living is higher than social security pays...not that there's really any money left in social security nowadays. So I feel that the issue isn't really when I'll grow up but which parameters are being used to judge whether I'm adult enough.