The Blog Babes of March




B said...

Hi someone who reads my blog sent me here

I am very flattered!

you must be one of my lurkers I don't have many male readers I guess I'm too girly :)

I can't hold your Baton- sorry my boyfriend would be pissed

Flawed & Disorderly said...


B is flattered?

I can't say that was my first reaction.

B said...

that's what I said

I can take a joke as good as I give it - maybe that's why??? my boyfriend thought it was hilarious.


Wally Banners said...

LMAO MAN YOU BUST ME UP LMAO! The ladies dont get it, but thats guys at that age. Singletrack mind lmoa man. You go bro and tap every lil goddess you can find. BTW you have excellent taste man!! you got my bob vote.