The Most Bangable Blog Babe of 2007


Anonymous Assclown said...

Frankly, I find it wholely disgusting and downright sexist that you would select a Bangable Blog Babe without including a Bangable Blog Dude award. Have you no respect for the progress the civil rights movement has made over the last 90 years? And are you honestly telling us that there isn't a single male blogger that you'd bang? C'mon, you look like a relatively cosmopolitan guy willing to open yourself up to different sexual experiences. Am I wrong? Tell me you haven't looked across the gym to that matthew McConaghey-looking dude in spandex over on elliptical machine and fantasized about bending him over the free weight station. You can admit. Blogger has a very liberal "don't-ask-don't-tell" policy.

KAC said...

Yee haw! Thanks! :-p