November's Bangable Blog Babes







alyndabear said...

Possibly the strangest bloglink I've had.. ever!

Katie said...

Okay, Alynda should totally be #1! She's the most beautiful, by far!

Terri said...

Wow. I'm...honored?

The Egel Nest said...

Someone should start a hangable dude blog...

this is very funny...demeaning a bit,...but funny...

I say, tastefully, congrats to all? :)

The Egel Nest

meleah rebeccah said...

how rude and distasteful... to talk about my friend AMBER like that...... if you knew ANYTHING about her, you'd know she doesn't have any interest in playing with your "balls"

....shes a happily married, SMART, and a beautiful girl inside and out.

..... it makes me sick that you are using her image and good reputation on your blog-o-be-rate women...

sorry if you hate women, and see them as objects instead of PEOPLE....

I usually IGNORE the internet TROLLS...SUCH AS YOU...but she is my friend...and you are an ASSHOLE.

Cougar said...

Its not cool to hijack other peoples blogs / identities to try to DRIVE traffic to your blog...especially a blog that is devoid of any substance and content.

Have you even asked any of these women for permission?

That would have been a start.

(may I remind you that the Girls Gone Wild guru is in JAIL even with permission 'slips and waivers.)

Are you aware of copy write infringement laws?

Hmm....maybe a 'cougar' such as myself needs to school you on HOW TO AT LIKE A MAN ON THE INTERNET)

and one more thing....if a WOMAN in her 30's makes me a cougar, than watch out fucktart.... this cougars nails are sharp enough to claw you right out of bloggerville.


kent said...

apparently cougar has a copywrite for every picture of herself in existence. good for her! if she's that protective of her 'intellectual property' maybe she shouldn't go posting it all over the internet. so who's the fucktard here? maybe before she tries clawing anyone out of 'bloggerville' she should go order a sense of humor with a side of lighten the hell up.

Fanuch said...

Haha - this is a genius idea for a blog! Great stuff - I'll be back to check up on you.

Michael Fanelli