April's Blog Babes







Becky said...

you could have at least found a more flattering picture of me if you're gonna pimp me out like this! i demand a repost.

mollymcmo said...

i still think you look cute no matter what kinda pic is up becky! :)


Anonymous said...

No love for Raymi yet? I'm surprised.

ali said...

Becky is awesome. she totally deserves this award :)

Anonymous said...

The picture you have of Tiana is not, in fact, Tiana. It is a picture of a woman named Tiffany who Tiana photographed. If you look at her blog icon pic and the one of Tiffany, they don't even look the same!

Maddog said...


After careful review by our panel of judges, you are absolutely correct on the Tiana scandal. It's not her. Sadly, Tiffany was much more bangable than the real Tiana, but because it was our mistake, we've left her in the April list...but have kicked her down to #5.

Just a Girl from L.A. said...

why dont u email me to clarify since you dont have an email posted??